December 23, 2022

*Review* Remember That You Will Die

A few months ago I had woken up on a Saturday or Sunday having had maybe one or two too many beers... I've been good lately, but occasionally there are weekend nights like that, those are hard to avoid when you're hanging out with a friend in the metaverse who lives on the other side of the world. It doesn't help if you both are capable of drinking several beers without losing the ability to carry on a conversation, and then the evening just takes you away. Being engaged in conversation and talking about things you enjoy--we each have similar favorites when it comes to music. Our tastes are very much the same in a lot of regards, so we like to share music with one another. A few songs here and there, and then another beer, some more songs or different bands come up in conversation, etc.

One of the things that I have always enjoyed is sharing music with friends. Obviously the internet has changed the landscape, so music that wouldn't have otherwise been commercially viable from the mid-to-early 2000s and before have a new way of finding it's audience, and for word of mouth to travel. I thought for sure the YouTube algorithm had got me.

When I woke up after our long evening of several beers and musical circulation, I casually drifted through my video feed  in a hungover state trying to find some sort of solace and decided to click on a video with Herman Li from Dragonforce, he was doing a reaction video to Polyphia's "Playing God."

Probably a week later, after having listened to all of Polyphia's albums--at that time, this was before Remember That You Will Die had dropped--I jumped in our Discord and messaged my friend. His response was classic, and funny:

"Jesus dood, how drunk were you? Yes, of course I like them, I was the one who turned you on to their music!"

He proceeded to shoot a few links into the chat; that's when it all came flooding back to me. Holy shit! He's right. I do remember these songs. To my friend's credit (as well as my own), he had been sharing Tim Henson's videos from the band's official YouTube, which, in promotion of the new album coming out were basically acoustic versions of their new material. I imagine they were specifically meant to market the coming  of the new album, and to showcase the artistry of their new songs. Genius too, the acoustic versions allow the listener to fully appreciate the technical prowess in advance of hearing the produced album. I think this was done intentionally for a number of reasons, but it hadn't occurred to me that the two were the same until I made the the connection that they were the same song even; the acoustic performances that my friend had shared with me, and the music video versions of the song that YouTube was trying to feed me.

In preparation of sitting down to write this post, I was thinking that I would definitely need to get myself ready and listen the two most recent albums back to back, but then my friend messaged me and asked me what my top three favorite songs on the new album were... When I take a look at my Spotify year-in-review for 2023, I wonder if Remember That You Will Die will be there. I think it will, but that really depends on what other great albums drop next year. Right now, this is a phenomenal album.  I'm not listening to them on rotation as much as the new Elder album (with the exception of tonight), but I knew for a fact that I was going sit and listen to them--preferably with a couple of beers--to be able to write down my thoughts about the new album. So let's get down to it.

December 2, 2022

Quiet Storm

 Time for another gonzo blog post. Online edition.

Fucking... I hate the idea of a metaverse, but I think the people who are into it, might be on to something. I've spent the majority of my life online, and a LOT of TIME on it. Even though I travel to an office, I'm on a computer, everyone is. Literally all business is done online, so it makes sense to want to make that environment as comfortable as you can, even if it is all a facade  Before all that I was always online at home and for personal reasons.

Spotify just recently did their "Wrapped" where everyone gets to see how their 2022 was. I had an interesting musical year, I have to say. My top 5 artists were as follows:

  1. Jackie Gleason
  2. Method Man
  3. TOOL
  4. All Them Witches
  5. King Buffalo

SCiON-7 Novella Notes

  So what has been going on with the story that I've been working on? Haven't done much with it, but I've decided to dust it off...