May 5, 2022

Open Road Rennaissance - Humble Manifest Destiny

My wife wants to travel the world, she wants to go to exotic locations... I suppose maybe that's what happens when you're born and raised in Las Vegas? I was born here, but I didn't really grow up here. My parents were concerned about "sixth-grade centers" and metal detectors at the entrance of the schools. They packed us up and we headed for the middle of nowhere in central New York. Lived there for a long while. Moved to Council Bluffs, Iowa. Lived there for a short while. We then moved to Long Beach, California. Lived there for an even longer while. Finally made my way back to Vegas--my mother sort of forced my Dad's hand, but that's a story for another time--and I've been here ever since.

SCiON-7 Novella Notes

  So what has been going on with the story that I've been working on? Haven't done much with it, but I've decided to dust it off...