Monday, April 04, 2022

March '22 Progress Update

I've been on Twitter for a long time now... I never expected to get called out by the lead singer of band Eve6. I was legitimately surprised when it happened. I didn't tag anyone, it was just a response to a random tweet from someone I follow, a silly question about the music we used to listen to.

There was also someone who called me a "Fed Boy." That was fun... I've been trying to come up with something to write about as it relates to the liberty movement, but there haven't been any particular topics I feel all that qualified to tackle or policy positions that I have good ideas for.

I've still been listening a lot to stoner rock, or doom metal, or "Stoomer" as I like to call it. There are a bunch of European bands that play this style of rock. I'm always running into bands from Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, etc. A band that I just started listening to today is a band named Grotto, their album "Lantern of Gius" is two tracks, each are 17+ minutes long, and that will be the soundtrack for this post:


I don't know why I use the alien emoji for this section, I just can't find any other emoji that works. Things are progressing with one of the stories I have any idea for.

Every couple of weeks some friends and I get together online to chat. I shared with them what my premise was and they had some good feedback to give me. Originally I was going to do a Batman origin, but my friends brought up a good point about trauma and living through it. I've decided that the main character is best suited to just be an orphan. Additionally, just by trying to talk through some of my ideas I decided what to do with my macguffin/deus ex machina character will actually be the narrator, since they have a semi-omnipotent position in the story and lore. Let's see if I can sell you on the idea:

The SciON 7, a generational colony ship that has drifted off course due to the Chronomancer's awakening. A journey that should have only taken three generations to complete now faces the challenges of having to govern itself during the fourth generation of passengers while contemplating the possibility that they made need several more generations of offspring to complete the journey.

Andrew Mercia is a child of the fourth generation whose parents have passed away shortly after his birth due to a strange illness that is affecting the passengers. During his life he is passed between five different mentors who each come from different families and professions on the ship; an officer of the law, a leader of the church, a merchant, a politician, and a lost one.

It is essentially a Watcher or Tempus Fuginaut story that uses Voltaire's Candide as the basic structure. I will definitely have a rough draft up by the end of the month, and I'm hoping to get lots of feedback and criticism on it. Not sure how many people on here will read it, I might share or post it to Reddit as well, see if I get any response on there.


Recently I ran into story that I had never heard of before; Lucian's "A True Story" or "Trips to the Moon." It's a story that is regarded as being the first every science fiction story. It really intrigued me so I've been working on taking a few different versions of the story and putting them together and doing my edit of it. Unlike Anthem I plan to completely re-write the text and maybe even expand on it. The main public domain versions of the work are translations of the original Greek from back in the late 19th century. Since I don't know Greek, I can't exactly translate it myself, but I think I can translate 1800s English into modern day English.

It's quite a fascinating story actually. What makes it the first every science fiction tale is the fact that a sea fairing ship that Lucian is on is thrust up into space and they journey to the Sun and Moon. Makes me wonder if there were other ancient Romans who were thinking about traversing the stars, and whether or not they observed the Moon and/or planets as other worlds and places that could be visited.

I know, you're probably confused... Lucian of Samasota was born in Roman Syria (modern day Turkey) around 125 AD and died around 180 AD in Athens, Greece.

Sort of pushing this project off until I finish a draft of the above-mentioned Chronomancer Chronicles.


My niece and nephew had their first soccer game of the year this past Saturday. During half-time I was scrolling through Twitter and saw that one of the guys who works at Tenaya Creek tweeted about an off-line beer that they had on tap, "Rex Kwon Do," a fruity and refreshing hefeweizen with notes of pineapple, vanilla and mandarin orange. This was the first time they served it on nitro. I sort of jokingly suggested to my wife that we should go to the Creek after the soccer game and get a pint of it to try. My wife ended up leaving with her sister and I sat at home and played video games. BUT, when she was on her way home she asked me if I still wanted to go. Truth is, I didn't really want to, but I decided it would be nice to get out of the house.

Keep your eyes open for a post with a bunch of beer tasting notes.

That's really it for this month.

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