March 4, 2022

The Twilight of Mortality


Big Scenic Nowhere is a band that I learned about last year... At least, from what I recall, I don't think that I knew about them before then, and they only just formed as a band in 2019. I'm not sure how I stumbled upon them, I think I was looking specifically for new vinyl records after my wife and I purchased our record player. So, it probably would have been about this time last year even. Hard to imagine that it has been two years since covid. 

March 1, 2022

Feburary '22 Progress Report


Not sure if I want to just write about my projects or if I also want to delve into some libertarian thought as well... Recent events have me re-thinking certain things and re-prioritizing projects.

February has been a pretty dismal month for me in terms of progress and personal productivity. I haven't been very prolific in my writing at all. I have, however, analyzed why I think that may be in my personal/private journal. Which, I imagine will eventually make it's way on to published or printed page in some form or fashion. Really, this post here is going to take some of what I've already written and refine it a little bit. I may have already talked about this before, but I feel like when I talk about things that I'm working on, they lose power, or I somehow give up some of the enthusiasm I had for the project. As if talking about them dispels some of the magical creative energy that was pushing me forward.

SCiON-7 Novella Notes

  So what has been going on with the story that I've been working on? Haven't done much with it, but I've decided to dust it off...